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Pack toiletry bag + soap + cleaning disc

Pack toiletry bag + soap + cleaning disc

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Format: 8cm x 11cm. It has two pockets with a 100% cotton towel inside and fabric from our recycled fabric bank on the outside. You can wash it in the washing machine and it will look like new - 100g solid soap - Approximately 12x12cm disc

Pamper your Miss Pomela creations as they deserve and choose the best accessories for them.

Forget about liquids when passing airport checkpoints, no more not being able to use your solid Miss Pomela cosmetics at the gym and, above all!, no more finding all your clothes full of spilled liquid gel and shampoo.

The travel&gym toiletry bag is here to stay and will take care of your solid shampoos and soaps while you are not using them.

Your toiletry bag, your soap and the cleaning pad will be inseparable, and polish your routine!


Wet your cleansing pad and wipe it with your Miss Pomela soap and gently cleanse your face. Once you have used the disc, wash it with water and a little soap and hang it to dry. It will be perfect to use again as many times as you need.
Write down the soap you choose in the comments of your orders, otherwise we will choose it for you, let yourself be surprised! Use the toiletry bag with any of your solid cosmetic products. Thanks to its interior made of 100% cotton towel fabric, you will ensure that your solids dry and are kept in optimal conditions. It is made up of 2 interior pockets. Both the toiletry bag and the disc, being made from recycled fabrics, it is not possible to choose a print. You can wash them in the washing machine in a short wash and they will look like new.
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