Why should you switch to natural solid shampoo?

If you still doubt whether to start using natural solid shampoo , I am going to explain our main reasons. But first let me give myself a couple of tips.

  • Nobody forces you to throw away other products that, even if they are not natural, you love. Don't feel guilty!

  • Enjoy the experience of taking care of your hair, give yourself the freedom to try new ingredients and see the results . No pressure.

Because a grapefruit tree likes to take care of itself, without self-demand and with a lot, a lot of self-care. So keep reading and find out if you are ready to be a Pomelera.

3 reasons to start using natural solid shampoo

1# Take care of your hair in a more natural way

Natural shampoos in tablets are formulated so that your hair is free of toxins: it will be healthier, more hydrated and look more beautiful. At Miss Pomela all our products are composed of 100% natural ingredients, without sulfates, silicones, or petroleum derivatives.

A more natural formulation helps avoid itching on your scalp, because it does not irritate or dry out. Thanks to these higher quality raw materials, it provides you with more hydration. All advantages!

And taking care of yourself is cool. But taking care of yourself with respectful ingredients for yourself and the planet is twice as cool.


2# Adopt a more sustainable consumption philosophy

Our values ​​include sustainability and respect for our planet, and that is why we put the 4 R's philosophy into practice, do you know it? For us it is a real and practical way to improve our environment based on small actions within our reach.

Our 4 R's philosophy:

Reuse _

We use reused boxes donated to us by other local businesses in the area to ship orders for our grapefruit trees. This is how we do our little bit to avoid creating more unnecessary waste.

Respect _

All Miss Pomela natural cosmetics products are respectful of the skin and nature, thanks to the quality of their organic raw materials.

Recycle _

Our packaging is created by hand from recycled fabrics. To achieve this, we have a fabric bank that is fueled by voluntary donations as well as our fabrics for soap initiative .

Reduce (reduce)

Most of our products are solid so they do not need packaging. In this way we reduce the consumption of plastics and the environmental impact that they produce on a daily basis.

3# Go for fewer jars and more order in your bathroom

Did you know that the bathroom is where we accumulate the most plastic containers in the entire house? Surely you hadn't stopped to think about it. But it is reality.

That's why we want to encourage you to reduce the amount of packaging, especially plastic, in your bathroom to start leading a more sustainable life.

Now let's do a little exercise and be honest with me (and with yourself). One, two, three... answer again .

  • How many bottles do you have in your shower?

  • Are they all essential?

  • How much money do you spend on them?

  • Do you really know what they do for your skin and hair?

In the bathroom of a grapefruit tree you can find…

- 1 white clay and jojoba shampoo

- 1 copoazu and lemongrass butter conditioner

- 1 calendula and shea butter soap for face and body (ideal for sensitive skin)

- 1 tea tree oil soap for intimate hygiene

A total of 4 bars of solid soap and shampoo that can be grouped in two soap dishes , for proper maintenance. Simple and easy. More space, less boats. Everything is more orderly and clean, and at least that gives me a lot of calm and peace of mind (blessed order). Because we not only have to think about the health of our skin and our hair but also that of the planet, don't forget.

Eliminate plastic bottles from your bathtub and believe me, you will notice the change.

What changes when you use solid shampoo?

You already know that it is comfortable and practical to use, I told you about it here, but also...

  • Clean respectfully

  • Take care of your hair without artifice

  • And yes, Miss Pomela's natural solid shampoo lathers A LOT. Pacha Ibiza type, believe me.

So now that you are clearer about why more grapefruit women are making the switch to natural solid shampoo every day, do you dare to try it?

If you need more reasons, you just have to visit our networks and see what those who have already enjoyed the benefits of natural ingredients on their skin and hair think.

(Perhaps captures or screenshots could be included)

If you dare to try it, we would love to know your experience.

It's time to spice up your routine!


*For article about soaps:



🙋🏻‍♀️If you have never asked yourself this question, today I will tell you:

➡️ Commercial soap is a detergent bar, since it is made in large quantities and they eliminate the glycerin to, with it, create other products and thus make it more profitable.

➡️ By doing without that glycerin, the skin becomes dry and sensitive.

➡️ They add synthetic moisturizers, the consequences on the skin are allergies and skin diseases.

➡️ A commercial soap only needs 72 hours to be ready for use, while natural soap is cured for 4 weeks: resulting in a softer soap.

🚨What do you use bottle gel? Add water to a commercial pill and you will have your shower gel 🧴😬

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