Do you use solid shampoo? Find out how you can use it to look great.

Choosing to use natural solid cosmetics is an excellent option to respect both your skin and the environment. Because taking care of the planet is not a trend, nor do you think it is a new fashion. It is an increasingly pressing need and the philosophy of life that we follow at Miss Pomela.

Taking care of your hair is not at odds with taking care of the environment, they are totally compatible things! Like your new MAC lipstick and your favorite perfume.

  • What is natural solid shampoo?

  • How do you use solid shampoo?

  • What are the benefits of using natural solid shampoo?

  • Where to buy your solid shampoo in tablets

What is natural solid shampoo ?

If you are still not very clear about what natural solid shampoo is, which everyone talks about, I will explain it to you. It is an increasingly used product and a great alternative to conventional shampoo (the bottled one, you know what I mean). It is a bar similar to the soap that your grandmother used to make , the same one you used to make, but in this case specifically designed with a formulation according to the needs of your hair .

But let it be very clear to you that soap and shampoo are different things / products even if you see them in the same format . The PH of its composition varies, but I'll tell you about that another time .


Miss Pomela natural solid shampoo is a hair product created from natural raw materials and with a lot of love (from Almería to the world). So if you haven't tried it yet, we encourage you to discover a more sustainable, more comfortable option that takes better care of your hair thanks to its toxic-free formulation.

Ready to get the great hair you want with 100% natural ingredients, without sulfates, silicones, or petroleum derivatives?

Types of natural shampoos in tablets

It is important to choose your natural solid shampoo based on your hair and scalp type (I will tell you about it [very soon] in another article). And that is why in our store you will currently find 3 different types of shampoos:

How do you use solid shampoo?

Very simple, the solid shampoo bar It is used in the same way and is just as effective as traditional shampoo , you just have to wet the tablet and rub it on your hair.
But so that you have no doubts, our husband Pilar tells you her tricks.

Marching grapefruit tip:

“I recommend you wet your hair well, then wet your favorite Miss Pomela shampoo and rub the bar directly on your hair. But don't forget that our shampoos make foam fabric.

I usually divide my head into three areas and apply my violet shampoo (top, center and bottom, as you see in the image). Lather, massage and enjoy your moment. Finally, rinse with plenty of water. And if you need it, do a second wash, just like in the pelu!

If you can, and this is an extra tip, do not detangle your hair when wet. Let it dry naturally and once dry, detangle. This will prevent breakage of hair fibers.

And that's how I enhance my routine.”


  • Wet your hair, wet the tablet and rub gently through your hair.
    1. Massage and rinse . (Do two washes if you need it).

    2. When finished, apply your solid copoazu butter and lemongrass conditioner (I recommend ALWAYS using conditioner after washing, to seal ends and nourish).

    3. Detangle wet, yes or no? Try what Pilar recommends and then let us know how it goes.

    What to do to keep your solid shampoo in good condition?

    It would be great if you stored it in a soap dish (bamboo or ceramic) to keep it dry and airy . The better you preserve your shampoo, the longer washes it will last.

    If you leave it on a puddle of water in your shower, the excess moisture can begin to slowly disintegrate the tablet, so don't risk it and preserve it as best as possible. It's not that difficult either, you'll see.


    What are the benefits of using natural solid shampoo?

    It is a product with a large number of benefits because it is respectful of your skin, your hair and the environment.


    • Miss Pomela's natural solid shampoo is composed of 100% natural ingredients , without sulfates, silicones, or petroleum derivatives.

    • Your hair will look better, more hydrated and healthier .

    • It does not irritate or dry out and prevents your scalp from itching.

    • Provides more hydration thanks to its natural ingredients and quality raw materials.

    • Better quality hair , because massaging the scalp helps blood flow through the hair follicle, oxygenates it and facilitates the absorption of nutrients.


    • It is an easy and convenient product to use, store and transport .

    • Ideal for traveling , as it is not liquid you have no problems taking it in your hand luggage on the plane .

    • You can also cut it into small pieces , thanks to its format, so you can take it with you without taking up much space (much less than a jar).

    • In addition, natural solid shampoo is cheaper, although at first glance it seems more expensive than bottled shampoo, because it lasts longer washes . In the long run it is a more profitable and respectful product. Your clean hair lasts longer days!



    • Solid shampoos do not need any type of plastic packaging . At Miss Pomela we wrap them in wax paper and send them to you in a recycled fabric bag made entirely by hand by us. Take a look at our packaging here .

    • During its manufacturing, plastic waste and gas emissions are reduced (by not needing packaging).

    • The amount of water in its manufacturing and composition is also reduced .

    • It does not contain dyes or toxins.

    Where to buy your solid shampoo in tablets

    Wait, we give you a clue.

    Well of course, here at Miss Pomela !

    Take a look at our natural cosmetic products and choose your natural solid shampoo according to your hair and scalp type. Once you try it, Miss Pomela solid shampoo will change your life (you won't be able to do without it, let me know).

    Dare and take the step to start using natural solid shampoo and look great (with brains underneath, as the Neighbor would say).

    Spice up your routine!

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