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Shampoo bag

Shampoo bag

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Format: 100% cotton bag of 10cmx7cm

Practice total zero waste and make 100% use of your solid shampoo, without wasting a single gram.

When it is running out, you just have to put it in your shampoo bag and, without having to take it out of it, wash your hair normally.

Being 100% cotton, your shampoo will make exactly the same foam. Do you want to know the best? You can use it over and over again because it is completely reusable.

Your shampoo bag and your Miss Pomela solid shampoo will become inseparable!

Put your Miss Pomela shampoo inside when it is running out and wash your hair normally without having to take it out.
To keep your shampoo inside the bag in optimal condition, once you have used it, hang it in a place away from water.
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