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Bamboo Fiber Cleaning Disc

Bamboo Fiber Cleaning Disc

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Format: 12cm square

Tired of throwing away more and more disposable cotton pads?

At Miss Pomela we are committed to sustainable care of your skin, and we have created by hand for you, who are also environmentally conscious, a cleansing disc with our recycled fabrics on one side, and with a soft 100% bamboo towel, on the other.

Reusable and easily washable.

Your cleaning pad and your Miss Pomela soap creation will become inseparable!

Have you tried using it on your baby's skin? Be careful because he will want to take it away from you 🧡

Wet your makeup remover pad and wipe it with your Miss Pomela soap and gently cleanse your face. If you use vegetable oils to remove makeup, you can also use your makeup remover pad to remove traces of oil and makeup. Once you have used it, wash it with water and a little soap and hang it to dry. It will be perfect to use again as many times as you need. If you wish, you can wash it in the washing machine with mild soap and at a temperature that is not too high.
Removes makeup and cleanses your skin in a gentle and environmentally friendly way. Use it on your skin to leave it perfectly clean of impurities. How about lending it to your baby to gently cleanse their skin? We make the back of the discs with fabrics from our recycled fabric bank, so it is not possible to choose a print. Let it surprise you!
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