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Sisal Exfoliating Mitt

Sisal Exfoliating Mitt

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Format: 15 x 12 x 3 cm sisal fiber bag.

The exfoliating mitt prepares your skin by removing dead cells and leaving it baby-soft. Thanks to its braided fiber and the gentle massage it performs, it is ideal for better absorption of the products you apply afterwards.

Use it on both dry and wet skin to promote blood circulation.

Don't know what to do with the last bits of soap? Put them in your mitt and practice total “zero waste”, and don't waste a single gram!

Put your solid soap inside the sisal bag, or pass it over the surface of the soap until you get the amount you want to clean your skin. After use, rinse with plenty of water and hang it so that it is dry for the next time you use it. This way you will be able to extend its life. And improve your routine!
For use with any type of solid soap.
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